Childbirth Education (Antenatal) Courses

Our Childbirth – Antenatal Courses are specially tailored to start around your 26th-28th week of pregnancy.

These are run by our exceptional team of qualified Childbirth Educators (or CBEs). We offer weekend courses in Nelson and Motueka. The Motueka courses are provided for free for those living in Motueka, through funding from NMDHB/PHO. The Nelson courses are paid and include a 1 year membership with Parents Centre. The NDPC Antenatal Coordinator will confirm pricing when you inquire.

Course classes are kept small (up to 12 pairs) and are designed to be interactive. The formation of parent support networks are encouraged (eg; coffee groups!). Our qualified CBEs are well informed with the latest pregnancy and birthing information and are also trained in group leadership and adult education.

Course Overview

The overview below outlines the topics you will cover in our CBE – Antenatal Course. We provide a hot drink and a snack during the break time in all of our courses. For the weekend full day courses, you will also have time for a lunch break and can venture out to eat or you are welcome to bring a packed lunch.


  • Coping with and enjoying pregnancy
  • Keeping healthy for you and your baby
  • Prenatal care and caregiver choices
  • Understanding physical and emotional changes


  • Choosing your birthplace
  • Signs of labour – how to know when you are in labour
  • What happens during labour
  • Understanding when labour doesn’t go to plan
  • The important role that partners and support people have
  • Knowing your rights; decision making during labour

Life with a new baby

  • Feeding and meeting your baby’s needs
  • Transition to Parenthood
  • Changes to your relationship
  • Early days at home; challenges and emotions
  • Practical parenting skills and tips
  • What next? Support available and ongoing parent education with NDPC

A tour of the Birthing Ward at the Nelson Hospital is included during your Nelson course or the Motueka Birthing Unit for the Motueka courses.

Book an NDPC Childbirth Education Course

Ready to book or find out more information?

Please contact the CBE Antenatal Coordinator via the email address below. Please include; your EDD (due date) and location (eg; do you live in Motueka or do you need a Nelson course). If you live in Motueka, please also include your NHI number, mobile contact number and your partners name (as appropriate).