For many parents, Baby & You is their very first activity after giving birth. We strive to ensure this is a comfortable and safe space for you and your baby. There is a microwave and hot water if you require them and change areas.

We often find that a lot of parents worry about their baby/babies being unsettled in a group situation. The Baby & You course is run in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere where you can feed, jiggle, rock or do whatever it takes to settle your baby/babies. There is also a Parents Centre host with a spare pair of hands to hold your baby/babies for you if you need a break or any help!

We would love to have your help – all of our services are administered by volunteers and we are always in need of helping hands. For more information, please email president@ndpc.org.nz

The fee for our Nelson childbirth education classes includes your first year’s membership fee, so you will be a member for those classes. All parents or other caregivers are welcome to attend our Baby & You classes, although priority for places is given to members of NDPC. The prices are also lower for members!

Our antenatal (childbirth) classes have two purposes – one is to provide information and advice about the later part of your pregnancy, giving birth and the first six weeks of being a new parent. But the other purpose is to provide you with the opportunity to mix with and get to know the people in your class, who will be having babies at around the same time as you. Your class can act as a support group for each other, as you’ll all be having similar experiences at much the same time. Of course there’s no obligation to keep seeing your classmates once the class is finished, but we provide the opportunity if you want to.

We hope not! Anyone is welcome in our classes, and our families come in all shapes and sizes – we have many solo mothers, same sex couples, older first-time parents, and couples where one partner already has children. As a solo mum, you’re very welcome to bring along a support person with you to the class – your mum, a friend, your sister – anyone who you’d like to support you through your pregnancy and birth.

As class numbers are limited, the classes fill up very quickly. You should book for a spot in a class as early as you can in your pregnancy.

Most women typically do their course when they are about 26-30 weeks pregnant.

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