Moving & Munching

Our Moving & Munching Courses are specially tailored for parents with children 4-8 months old.

These are run by an exceptional team of professional speakers from local businesses, supported by our Moving & Munching Facilitator and a host. The courses explore intellectual, physical and social development, first aid, swim safety, healthy attitudes to food and much more. Each course is 4 weeks long and held on a Wednesday morning (1030-1230) in Nelson.

Course classes are kept small and both parents are welcome along with the baby/babies. Our Moving & Munching courses are a great way to make friends with people who have babies of the same age, to share experiences and gain support. The formation of parent support networks are encouraged (eg; coffee groups!).

Course Overview

The overview below outlines the scheduled speakers for each session during the course. Please note that on occasion the speakers may change sessions, depending on their availability. The courses do generally follow the schedule below.

Session One

  • Introduction – Moving & Munching Facilitator.
  • Red Cross – First Aid for your under 1.
  • Baby on the Move – Moving on from your Capsule.

Session Two

  • Sport Tasman – Your moving baby with Jenny Dravitzki – an interactive session on movement and play with your baby.
  • Nutrition – Angela Phillips – Registered Dietitian – starting solids for your baby.

Session Three

  • Dr Daniel Fogarty – Chiropractor, Tasman Bay Chiropractic: Dr Dan talks parents through how a healthy mobile spine is like an engine – the more healthy movements the spine makes, the more energy/nutrients there are going into your child’s brain, promoting the neural development for lifelong learning. With take home, play and movement exercises to get their brain and body in sync, Dr Dan’s session aims to empower you to give your child the best start to life.
  • Sharon Wilson – Restore Physiotherapy: Pelvic floor exercises, regaining bladder control, returning to pain-free sex, avoiding a prolapse, scar massage and more. Sharon is a physiotherapist that specialises in Pelvic Health – nicknamed the “Vagisio”.  Her session is lighthearted and informative.

Session Four

  • SwimMagic Richmond Aquatic Centre: Lisa and the team are passionate about delivering water safety messages to groups and love to impart the knowledge and ideas to help keep babies, tots and toddlers safer in, on and around water.
  • Bernie Breese – Bernie is a certified life coach with over 12 years experience supporting and working with parents and couples in making their lives more manageable post starting a family, and ongoing!  Anxiety and feeling overwhelmed are far more manageable with a coach in your corner. Bernie is also available to support you to navigate your way back to the workforce. Bring your questions, thoughts, fears and hopes!

We often find that a lot of parents worry about their baby/babies being unsettled in a group situation. The Moving & Munching course is run in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere where you can feed, jiggle, rock or do whatever it takes to settle your baby/babies. There is also a Parents Centre volunteer with a willing pair of hands to hold your baby/babies for you if you need a break!

Our course locations typically have a kitchen with a microwave and hot water if you need to use these facilities. There is also often a change table available. We provide a hot drink and a snack during the break time in all of our courses.

Moving & Munching Courses 2018

To book please contact: Holly Ramsey, Moving & Munching Coordinator